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Do you know what could be lurking in your house?

The idea of mold strikes terror in most homeowners; it can cause sickness, allergies, and destroy whatever it attached to. But how does it start?Well, mold and mildew are living things. They, like us, need oxygen, food, and water to survive and thrive. Their favorite household snacks can be anything in your home, including wood, fabric and even drywall. Having oxygen and food for these fungi in your home can’t be helped, so if you’re worried about mold it comes down to preventing one thing: moisture. Humidity, leaking pipes and roofs, poor ventilation or flooding can all bring water into the home, and the more you have the more mold can grow. Its most commonly found in attics, basements, crawlspaces and other poorly ventilated areas, so those places are the first ones you should be concerned with if you suspect your home has a mold problem. Even if you don’t see or smell it yet, mold prevention is vital for your homes and your own health.

So how can you stop it? What can you do?

There’s only one real solution for mold prevention: Keeping the moisture out. Waterproofing common areas of mold growth is key in making sure your home stays mold free. Basement waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation and dehumidifying are all easy and safe solutions for mold and mildew prevention. If you suspect or know you already have a mold problem, mold removal chemicals can be used on the effected areas to kill the fungi and prevent new growth. 

Although scary, mold and mildew are easy threats to prevent and remove. At Complete Basement Systems, we know your home is your biggest investment. We want to keep it healthy, happy and safe no matter what. If you’re worried about mold and mildew in YOUR home, give us a call! We can waterproof and mold proof your home, keeping it safe, fungi free and dry for years to come!

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