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Case Studies: Waterproofing in Parker, CO

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Friday, June 16th, 2017


Parker home needed to be waterproofed. The homeowners had been having trouble in recent years not having water get into their basement when there was rain or storms. In order to protect their home and their assets they decided to do research and hire a contractor to help them out. With guaranteed products, Complete Basement Systems was the one to do the job right!


SafeDri ProX Sump Pump with SafeDri Triple. This pump is backed by its own battery. If the power goes out, you don’t need to worry about a basement flood.

Parker homeowner, Rick, was having waterproofing issues and wanted to get his basement looked at to see if there was anything that could be done to stop water from flooding into his basement and yard. Rick  researched Complete Basement Systems online and found our company to be the best to solve his problems.

VentBlock that will create a barrier between the outside vapor coming into the home and the basement. This will help control water damage.

Our expert foreman Bryan and his team went out to get the job done right for this homeowner! To begin the project the crew inspected the basement to look for previous damage. After, to make sure that the water would properly discharge outside instead of inside the home the team installed a BasementGutter drain that would help drain the water from the walls and floor to the outside. The crew also wanted to make sure that vapor did not come into the space from water because that could cause mold. The team installed a VentBlock with ExTremeBloc that would build a barrier for the vapor and space. To prevent future flooding and water damage the team installed a SafeDri ProX sump pump with SafeDri Triple liner  that will pump water from the home outside. In case of cold Colorado weather the sump pump was also installed with FreezeGuard freeze protection which will still run even if the underground pipe freezes. For drainage from the outside, a YardWell was put in place so that the water would go into the grass and not into the home. Finally the team installed CrawlSeal liner in the space so that the home would be lined and safe from water damage.

After Complete Basement Systems team came out to the job, James has been able to control his water issues and have peace of mind!

Project Summary

Foreman: Bryan Woodke

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