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Help Prevent Exterior Water Problems With a FreezeGuard™

Drain pipes are susceptible to freezing in winter meaning they can leak or burst and release water to your basement or crawl space and damage these areas. Installing a FreezeGuard™ can help stop this problem.

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A lot of homeowners channel their energies to interior waterproofing, forgetting external threats do exist. Come winter, frost and dropping temperatures in Denver, CO, may cause water to freeze in pipes, and burst, inundating their basement or crawl space. 

Old, corroded, and failing pipes can easily clog or back up. When this happens, you will find water dripping down the side of the house or flowing back to the basement or crawl space. This can set the stage for flooding and water damage. 

If the discharge line on the sump pump freezes, your device is forced to work harder and it could fail due to overheating. Such a problem could spell doom for your basement or crawl space the next time water collects in the sump basin. You’ve got to take active measures to protect the discharge line. And the best way to do that is to get a FreezeGuard™

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What Makes the Discharge Line Freeze Up? 

Cold weather or frost causes the water coming out of the discharge line to freeze. Layers of ice will form at night, freezing the opening shut. With temperatures dropping and no sun, the pipes will remain clogged. Water pressure will mount, and this will strain the pipe joints, causing the discharge line to leak or burst. 

The water coming out of the sump pump discharge line will begin to freeze with layers of ice in the middle of the night when it is colder. It will freeze shut the opening with solid ice. The lower layers of snow, sleet, and freezing rain on the ground will continue to melt and get absorbed into the backfill area. Cold wind and no sun will assure the pipe will remain clogged with ice. The sump pump continues to run and attempts to discharge water but cannot. 

What is a FreezeGuard™? 

It’s a smart anti-freezing device that prevents discharge lines from freezing during winter. This device is usually attached to the exterior discharge line before the rest of the pipe is laid on the ground. It has perforations all around. 

Keep Water Out with FreezeGuard™ 

Anyone with a home in Denver, CO, area where the discharge line from the sump pump is likely to freeze in cold winter should consider a FreezeGuard™. This anti-freeze device lets discharged water escape through open slots whenever the drain clogs or freezes. Operation is automatic, meaning it has no valves or hoses attached to it. 

Make sure the discharge line shouldn’t end right outside the foundation wall. If yours does, water will seep into your basement or crawl space when temperatures drop below freezing. To avert this problem, ensure the discharge line slopes and runs underground for at least 10 feet to a dry well or other appropriate drainage point. 

Protect Your Sump Pump 

Your sump pump needs extra protection during the cold season, otherwise the freezing cold may damage it. We encourage you to add FreezeGuard™ Discharge Line Protection to your SafeDri™ sump pumps. Small as it seems, the FreezeGuard™ will save you the frustrations of dealing with leaking pipes and defective sump pumps. 

Additional Tips for Preventing Discharge Lines from Freezing 

All these might seem costly, but they go a long way toward ensuring the foundation stays dry, healthy, and intact. In the long run, your investment will pay off and you will avoid costly repairs. 

  • Bury the sump pump discharge line in the yard or extend it out above the grade at an incline. 
  • Insulate the discharge line and the intake section with a tarp to protect them against freezing. 
  • Check the sump basin regularly and test the sump pump to ensure it’s working. 
  • If you have a frozen sump pump line, thaw it with a portable heater. 

Cold winter weather brings problems for water lines. Be sure to request a free waterproofing inspection and quote from Complete Basement Systems. Our experts will assess your waterproofing measures and recommend solutions to bolster your waterproofing efforts. 

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