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If you have been in the real estate market here in Denver recently you understand the unique environment for buying or selling a home. Homes are in high demand! Buyers want a beautiful home with a DRY basement. So many times we run into sellers who are up against the wire scrambling to get a waterproofer into their homes to fix water intrusion in a matter of days. Homes are only staying on the market for about a month, one month, and that is very little time to find a reputable contractor. Our suggestion? At the first sign of water intrusion, call for a professional evaluation even if your home is not quite on the market yet.

Things are not like they used to be when our parents spent their entire lives in one home. Homeowners will buy and sell a home several times over their lifetime, and chances are you will too. With your home being such a huge investment, why not protect it? Why not get that leaky window well address or that damp spot on the floor looked at and corrected so that you can enjoy all aspects of your home, and then when the time comes to sell you can breeze through the sale of your home (at least from a waterproofing standpoint). Buyers are going to want those issues addressed and corrected before they buy. Knowing that why not get the home waterproofed sooner rather than later so that you can enjoy those benefits and peace of mind as well. Complete Basement Systems is here to help. Call us at 303-805-8751 to set up and completely Free, no obligation estimate to evaluate those trouble spots in your home.

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