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Eager to Attempt a DIY Home Waterproofing Job? Read This First!

DIY waterproofing efforts barely scratch the surface of basement waterproofing, which is why you leave the job to tried and tested waterproofing experts.

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With more than 52,000 basement waterproofing DIY videos on Google, the average homeowner has a ton of self-help waterproofing resources at their disposal. Some of these videos cover waterproofing basics while others delve into the technical how-tos. Even with these resources, typical basement waterproofing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

All the work that goes into creating a water-free home requires skills, know-how, experience, and a trained eye. None of the videos or tutorials can prepare you for the hours of work, frustrations, and physical demands of the work. By looking at the pitfalls of DIY, you’ll understand why waterproofing is best left to experts. 

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Dangers of DIY Home Waterproofing 

Sure, DIY waterproofing has its pitfalls. For some, it’s a matter of trial and error. They are not sure what works and what doesn’t. Unless you’re trained and licensed to work as a waterproofing contractor, you shouldn’t attempt DIY with your basement. 

Waste time and money. Let nobody fool you. Basement waterproofing is a tough job. Your DIY enthusiasm can’t prepare you for the rigors of basement waterproofing. 

Less than satisfactory results. With DIY, things can go wrong. You might settle for the wrong solution, get the timing wrong, and do improper installation. You’ll likely end up with a badly waterproofed basement that’ll still leak and cause problems. 

Accidents and slips/falls. Every repair job has its dangers and pitfalls. If you’re not properly geared, you can hurt yourself or your loved ones. And your project will stall as you will be out nursing your wounds. 

Costly in the long run. DIY basement waterproofing kits don’t come with guarantees. And if they do, it’s for a short period. Any loopholes or weaknesses will work against you. At the end of the day, you’ll waste money on a solution that doesn’t protect your basement fully. You’ll end up hiring a pro for water damage repair. 

While you can seal the basement with a DIY kit, you may end up masking a serious issue that’ll crop up a few months down the road. That’s why it’s important to get an expert who can apply the right fix the first time. 

DIY Waterproofing Mistakes 

Far too many people make the following mistakes when attempting home basement DIY waterproofing in Denver, CO. 

Failing to locate the source of water. Basement walls are porous, meaning you can see streaks of wetness. But what happens if the entire wall is wet? If you don’t have a trained eye, you can’t tell whether the water is originating from mortar joints, window corners, around water pipes, cracks, or elsewhere. 

Repairing walls with standing water. It’s fairly common for basement walls with cracks to allow an inch or two of water in during the rainy season. Some homeowners proceed with inspecting and fixing the cracks with water under their feet. Big mistake. When you work in this environment, you risk being electrocuted. 

Forgetting window well leaks. Another issue that’s often ignored is leaks on the windows well. These fixtures tend to retain water if the drainage system is poorly installed during home construction. Left unchecked, water will pool around the bottom of the window and seep into the basement. 

Not filling cracks with commercial-grade sealants. In their quest to save cash, some homeowners go for cheap fillers instead of commercial-grade sealants thinking they’ll do the same job. Basement wall cracks have to be filled with hydraulic cement. This type of cement has additives that make it expand and set rapidly when it’s mixed with water. If you don’t get the right consistency or apply the cement quickly, the cracks won’t seal properly. If the cracks are deep enough, they may require specialized foundation repair solutions that the average homeowner doesn’t have access to. 

All these mistakes could leave you with a poorly waterproofed home. You may be able to fix a small issue but fail to address a bigger problem. As a result, water and moisture issues will persist and trouble you. Why take this long and painful route? With expert assessment and guidance, you get to know where the real problem is and apply the appropriate fix. Plus, the results are long lasting. 

Work with Waterproofing Experts 

Take the guesswork out of your next basement waterproofing job by working with experienced technicians from Complete Basement Systems. Our crew has been providing expert services across Denver, CO, for years. They can troubleshoot the cause of basement cracks or underlying issues better than anyone with an untrained eye and recommend a lasting fix. Get in touch today for a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote.

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