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7 Tips for Speed Dating a Basement Waterproofing Expert

Learn how to pick out the best company from hundreds of competitors offering basement waterproofing and foundation repairs.

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Finding the right professional for your foundation repairs, crawl space encapsulation, or basement waterproofing takes a bit of research and diligence. Several companies practice their trade in Denver, CO, and each one claims to be the best in town. But can you take their word as it is? It’s best not to without some homework beforehand.  

Here, we look at a couple of factors to consider when shopping for experts so you can avoid the pitfalls of working with the wrong guys. 

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When looking for a repair company, you have to determine whether they’re professionals or not. Professionalism is important in basement waterproofing just as in any other work. The right company always keeps its standards high, keeps its promises, delivers on time, and offers the best solutions, not excuses and shoddy work. 

Unprofessionalism of any type might end up costing you money in repairs, leading to accidents and other problems. By researching beforehand, you will avoid reckless companies who care more about money, rather than finding safe and lasting solutions to your crawl space, basement, or foundation issues. 

Customer Service 

A good company treats its customers with the highest quality of customer service, which is what any homeowner expects. No one wants to put up with long queues or wait for days to receive poor responses from the company’s reps. Seventy-five percent of customers consider customer service a test of a company’s competence. If you approach a company and they seem to care more about making a sale than understanding your home’s issues and problems, it’s best to walk away. 

Customer Guarantee 

A good rule of thumb is to always partner with a basement expert that stands by their job. The right company will always be confident with the quality of their waterproofing job or foundation repairs, in which they can provide a complete workmanship guarantee. Such a guarantee will protect you from mistakes or errors by technicians who have been sent to perform the repairs. If anything goes wrong, the company will have to redo the job on its own accord.  

Value for Money 

The basement company you hire should add value to your home and give you real value for your money, not just fulfill their promise. The best companies have something unique to offer to you. It could be they perform non-intrusive checks and repairs or provide superior solutions that almost no other company has or offers. However, it doesn’t always have to be something remarkable or substantial. Simple gestures such as cash back rewards for new referrals or new experiences are indications that the company cares about their customers. 

Properly Licensed 

A basement waterproofing or foundation repair license is proof that the company is qualified to do its job. Hiring a company with a state license is a smart move. In some states, you can’t take legal action against a person who works in your basement if they don’t have a license. If you hire an unlicensed person to work in your home and they leave the work half done with a lien from an unpaid supplier, you will have no legal recourse against them. While a license isn’t proof of a company’s competence, it’s generally a good thing to ask for. Proof of licensing can help you weed out other companies without ties to your area, as well as those with no real-world experience or training. 

Honest and Open 

Foundation repairs and basement waterproofing are two costly projects. You want to make sure you’re dealing with a company that’s transparent in its dealings and straight-talking. Honesty means the company will give you straightforward advice, free and fair estimates for repairs, reasonable timelines, and acknowledge slip-ups, mistakes, and shortcomings. When there are issues or problems, the company provides a way out instead of taking you in circles or charging you more than what you agreed. 

Customer Reviews 

Many times, we jump at the opportunity to hire the first company that shows up on Yelp or Google search for terms like “foundation contractor near me.” Big mistake. Take time to check what other customers are saying about the company and the quality of the work. Pay attention to how customers describe their workmanship, work ethic, conduct, and attitude to customers. 

The best companies take their work seriously, finish the job on time, and offer proven solutions. That’s why customers consistently leave them positive reviews and five-star ratings. 

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