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Arvada PolyRenewal

After completing the project, the homeowner has been happy to use his basement again!


Arvada home needed to get the concrete in a finished basement leveled. A home is one of life’s biggest investments and after putting in money to get the basement finished the homeowner did not want the concrete to be unleveled. Quality of life and stable homes are very important to Complete Basement Systems so they were happy to help this homeowner out.


Arvada homeowner has a finished basement but thats unfortunately experienced unlevel concrete issues. Due to the fact he had spent so much time finishing his basement and making sure it was in tip top shape, he was eager to fix his concrete and get his basement back up and running. With a project so important to him and his home, he decided to get a free estimate from Complete Basement Systems and go from there. He felt very trusty and respected by the team so he decided that we were his best choice!

Our talented installation team and foreman, Jacob Bass decided to head out on the job. After deciding the correct course of action they took the steps needed. In order to level out the concrete in the basement, they had to first pull up the carpet to see the concrete between the wall and floor. After taking up the carpet the team then injected PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs to lift up the concrete and make it even with the rest of the floor. This product like many others at Complete Basement Systems works extremely well and has left thousands of homeowners very happy. Using trusting contractors and trusting products is what makes these projects and this company stand out.

After completing the project, the homeowner has been happy to use his basement again!

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