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Case Studies: PolyRenewal in Aurora, CO

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Aurora, CO homeowners were hoping to sell their beautiful home in the near future. They were worried that their unlevel concrete in affecting their garage, sidewalk, and porch was going to hurt their ability to sell their home. The homeowners were looking for a contractor that were effectively solve their problems but also that had a smooth communication process, after talking to Complete Basement Systems they knew our company fit both of their criteria.


After. The concrete slabs are also now smooth to drive on because of the leveling the PolyRenewal achieved.

Aurora, CO homeowners were hoping to put their beautiful home on the market in the upcoming months. The homeowners were concerned that the unlevel concrete affecting their garage, sidewalk, and porch was going to hurt their ability to sell their home for what it truly is worth. The homeowners were in search of a contractor that was efficient and had a great communication process. After talking to Complete Basement Systems, the homeowners felt that they had found a contractor that fit their criteria.

Our expert foreman Jacob and his installation team were happy to help these homeowners achieve their concrete goals. For all areas of the outside space the installation team used our foaming leveling agent called PolyRenewal 250h. This product is high quality and very durable. In order to level the concrete of the garage, sidewalk, and porch the crew pumped the PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs so that way they would be forced upward and level with one another. Once the leveling was even and successful the foreman were excited to show the homeowners their successful work!

After Complete Basement Systems finished the project, Aurora, CO homeowners have achieved peace of mind!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

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