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Basement and Garage Concrete Lift in Highlands Ranch, CO

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This homeowner in Highlands Ranch, CO took on a project to remodel the  basement when they noticed the un-level floor concrete after ripping up the old flooring. Upon further investigation, they found that the concrete slab had sunken so much that it tore away from the wall siding, creating an unsightly gap and allowing for pests, including spiders, to enter their home. Recognizing the dangers of this gap, they went online to find a solution to their problem. After finding our positive reviews on google and 3rd party review sites, they gave us a call and scheduled an appointment to lift the sunken slab.


Our awesome foremen Rob and Jesse set out to left the slabs, and with a quick injection with our 250h PolyRenewal™ foam, they were able to restore the concrete to its original height! Our PolyRenewal™ injections are efficient, quick, and make a hole no bigger than a penny! Because of this, we can easily lift indoor, and outdoor concrete without leaving any damage. This homeowner was amazed at the ease of lifting we accomplished with our PolyRenewal™,  and how quickly our pro’s sealed up the previous gap. The project was done in less than a day, and now the homeowner can continue their basement floor remodeling project with peace-of-mind!

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