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Broomfield, CO homeowners were concerned about the foundation of their home. After living in their home for many years, they were unsure that they still had the stable foundation that they purchased the home with. In order to make sure that their home was in its best condition safety and stability wise, the homeowners decided to phone Complete Basement Systems.


Broomfield,CO homeowners knew that something wasn’t right with their home. They were worried that the foundation of their was in trouble and they wanted to make sure that they completely fixed the problem before something bad happened. The homeowners husband was open to selling their home instead of repairs but the wife wanted to save the home that they raised their children in. With that being said the homeowners wanted to find a trusting contractor that could take their foundation worries away, after getting their free estimate with Complete Basement Systems they knew they found the right contractor.

Our talented foreman Jose and his installation team knew exactly how to help these homeowners. First the foreman made a plan to level the home with our special Helical Piering system. The foreman began digging the holes for the piers, making sure that no power lines or main water lines would not be obstructed. Next the foreman started to install the helical piers. Once the piers were completely installed the began to fill in the holes from installation and cover them so the yard was back to its original condition. Once the foreman finished putting the yard back together, the homeowners were thrilled with how great their space looked and felt.

Complete Basement Systems loves to help homeowners restore peace of mind in their homes!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jose Amaya

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