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Highlands Ranch, CO


Highlands Ranch, CO homeowners were having concrete leveling concerns. Their front sidewalk up to their front patio was cracking and had potential tripping risks for anyone using the path. In order to improve the quality of life of the home, a contractor was needed. The homeowners called Complete Basement Systems after seeing our commercial!


A Highlands Ranch, CO home was experiencing some concrete leveling issues on its front sidewalk. The homeowners were worried about the tripping hazard the concrete could cause to their guests and to themselves. In order to make sure that no injuries would ever happen, they decided to contact a contractor. After seeing a Complete Basement Systems commerical the homeowners were very excited!

Our expert foreman Jacob and his team had the best plan set. All the sidewalk needed was to be leveled and sealed and the homeowners would know longer have to worry. To level the concrete, the foreman injected our foam leveling product called PolyRenewal™. This product rose the slabs up and even. After the slabs were even, the team sealed the cracks with PolyRenewal™ Joint Sealant. This is a highly durable sealant and is great for all types of cracks!

After Complete Basement Systems finished the job, the homeowners were excited to invite family and friends over!

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