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Lakewood Concrete Lift Up

After they contacted Complete Basement Systems, these homeowners were excited for their new steps!


Lakewood, CO homeowners were excited to level their side entrance stairs to their home. The safety and quality of their stairs had been bothering them for sometime now and they wanted to make sure they were finished before summer approached. The homeowners contacted Complete Basement Systems to help them fufill their concrete needs.


John & Tammy of Lakewood, CO were ready to get their concrete stair entrance leveled. After holding off the project for many months they decided that it was time to level their steps before the summer came. Knowing this wasnt a project they could do themselves they decided they needed to find the best contractor. After they contacted Complete Basement Systems the homeowners were excited for their new steps!

Our expert installation foreman Jacob and his installation team set out on the job. After discussing with the design specialists about what the best course of action was for the Lakewood homeowners steps. The best course of action was to inject PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs so that they would rise up and go back to their original even position. The stairs evened out and now the homeowners are able to better use them.

Complete Basement Systems is happy to fix all concrete needs!

Project Summary

  • Foreman: Jacob Bass

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