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Case Studies: PolyRenewal Project in Littleton, CO

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Saturday, April 13th, 2019


Littleton homeowner wanted to get her craft room leveled. One part of the room had concrete that was dropping down and needed to be lifted up. She did her research and was referred through a neighbor and decided Complete Basement Systems was the right company for her favorite room in her house!


Fran from Littleton, CO is a very big crafter. She loves creating different and exciting things for her home. Unfortunately, her craft room was dropping and not completely leveled. Her home and her crafts are very important to her and she wanted to find the right company to fix such a special space for her. She did the right research and a neighbor referred her to Complete Basement Systems.

Our talented installation team and foremen Jacob set out to complete the job. They knew this room was very important to the homeowner and wanted her to know they would take great care of her home. After consulting with the sales team they decided the course of action to level out her space. The crew dug out the carpet and flooring of the room in order to level out the concrete. They then injected a poly product underneath the concrete that would lift the slabs and level them with the other parts of the floor.

After Complete Basement Systems finished the project the homeowner was extremely happy. She can now create crafts without having to worry about the level of her flooring!

Project Summary

Foreman: Bryan Woodke

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