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Parker, CO homeowners wanted to get their driveway and front stone porch back to its original condition. The concrete of both the driveway and front porch had been cracking and experiencing leveling problems. The homeowners also wanted to fix drainage problems that their front yard had been having so they were hopeful they could get that done at the same time. The homeowners searched for a contractor that was known for both concrete and drainage problems and decided that Complete Basement Systems was highly raved about in both.


Parker, CO homeowners had been in the market to get repairs done on both their concrete driveway and stone/concrete front porch. They wanted to get both spaces back in their original high quality that they were when they first bought the home. The driveway and porch was experiencing both cracking and leveling troubles. In addition to the concrete work, the homeowners were hopeful that they could find a contractor that could also install a drain in the front yard. Complete Basement Systems is the top in both!

Our very experienced leveling foreman Jacob and his installation team were ready to help restore this homes concrete. To first fix the leveling problems of both the driveway and front porch, the team pumped PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete slabs so that the foam would force the slabs upward and even. After the leveling was successful the foreman sealed the cracks. To seal the cracks, PolyRenewal Joint Sealant was injected in between the cracks for a clean and smooth finish. Once all concrete fixes were finished, the team installed a drain in the yard to help prevent water problems in the front yard.

After Complete Basement Systems fixed all problem areas, the homeowners have never loved spending time on their front porch more!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

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