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PolyRenewal Project in Littleton

After Complete Basement Systems took on the job, these homeowners have been able to rest easy!

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Littleton,CO homeowners love using their outside space. Unfortunately, the homeowners have not been able to fully experience their front yard because of the unappealing cracked and sinking concrete driveway and sidewalk. The homeowners have been in the market to get the concrete repaired and a new drainage system for water in their backyard. After research, the homeowners decided that Complete Basement Systems was the best for the job.


Littleton,CO homeowners were excited to spend time outside this upcoming summer. In order to provide a safe and appealing environment to their family they really needed to get their cracked and sinking concrete leveled. Their driveway and sidewalk are in need of repair and the homeowners also wanted a drain for water in the backyard. After contacting Complete Basement Systems they were excited to start the project.

Our talented foreman, Jacob Bass and his team went out to complete the job in Littleton. In order to provide these homeowners with a safe and fun front environment, the installation team used PolyRenewal 250, PolyRenewal Joint Sealant, and a Downspout. To level the cracking concrete, the installation foreman injected the PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete to raise the concrete and have it become even. Then to seal the cracks, PolyRenewal Joint Sealant was used to seal all of the cracks and give them a good as new finish. Finally aside from the concrete, the homeowners wanted a nice Drainage System installed to relieve the flooding in their backyard.

After Complete Basement Systems took on the job, the homeowners have been able to rest easy!

Project Summary

  • Foreman: Jacob Bass
  • Products: Complete Protection System w/ Poly, Downspout

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