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Porch and Sidewalk Lifting in Centennial, CO

Uneven concrete is unsightly and unsafe, but we can fix this problem with an innovative solution. Learn more here.



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Homeowners in Centennial, CO, became concerned with the sidewalk and porch of their home after noticing the concrete was uneven and pulling away from the sections that connected to the sides of their beautiful home. After the left side of both areas started to sink noticeably quicker than the rest of the surrounding slabs, the owners decided to take action and did their research on the best in the concrete lifting business. That’s when they came across Complete Basement Systems!

These homeowners knew that if the slabs had sunken in any further, there would not only be a risk for a tripping safety hazard but could also damage the structural integrity of the home. With their home being one of the most important investments, they wanted to guarantee that their home was going to be fixed and secured by the very best!


after poly porch install

After a free, no-obligation estimate and evaluation of the work that needed to be done by one of our inspectors, the homeowners knew they were in the right hands. Our team of concrete lifting and leveling professionals set out to make sure the job would be done in no time!

After one of our expert installation crews consulted with the inspector for the best plan of action, they set out to begin the work. The project included PolyRenewal™ injection throughout the porch and sidewalk in the places they were sinking, as well as resealing the joints between the concrete and the house.

With these tasks completed, the concrete is now repaired! No longer will the homeowners have to worry about their porch and sidewalk being uneven or unsightly!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Complete Basement Systems
Products Installed: PolyRenewal™ injection

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