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Concrete Leveling in Thornton, CO

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A concrete driveway of a Thornton, CO was having trouble with cracks and leveling of the concrete slabs. The homeowner wanted to make sure that her driveway was safe to drive on and for her children to play on when the weather is warm. In order to make sure her families quality of life was at its best, she decided to contact Complete Basement Systems because of the various reviews from her neighbors.


Carpet is removed so the installation team can begin leveling the concrete.
Tile from the back entrance is removed so the team can level the concrete between the door and floor.

Jennifer of Thornton, CO wanted to get her concrete drive way leveled and crack free. With the summer months approaching she wanted to make sure not only that her driveway looked in its best condition but also that it was safe and usable by her and her children. She talked to different members of her community and decided to call Complete Basement Systems because of its highly rated reviews.

Our talented foreman, Jacob Bass and his team went out to complete the job in Thornton. After fully discussing with the design specialists on the best course of action for the job, the whole team decided that the PolyRenewal 250h was the best for the project. They injected PolyRenewal 250h underneath the concrete in order to raise the slabs so they would be level with the rest of the drive way.

After Complete Basement Systems took on the job, Jennifer has been able to rest easy!

Project Summary

  • Foreman: Jacob Bass
  • Products: PolyRenewal 250h