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Thornton Concrete Lifting


A Thornton, CO, homeowner needed to get the concrete floor of his living room and entrance to the home repaired. He was having great concerns about the safety of the home if it was not safe. Complete Basement Systems finds the quality of life very important and knew the right plan to help the Thornton home.


A Thornton, CO, homeowner was having concerns about cracked concrete in his home. Cracks in his walls and in between the wall and the floor (wood and tile) were starting to get too large, and the homeowner wanted to find the right company to make his basement beautiful again. After seeing a commercial for Complete Basement Systems he decided to get a free estimate and set up a scheduled project!

Our talented foreman and installation team decided the course of action to take and started the project in Thornton. To begin the project they removed some of the existing flooring in order to get enough space to inject the PolyRenewal™. They raised the floor by injecting PolyRenewal™ product underneath the concrete which lifted it up and made it more even with the wall and the remainder of the concrete floor slabs. They did this process both by the walls and by the entrance tile floor. Now not only is the living space safer, but the entrance is as well. PolyRenewal™ is a great product for concrete lifting!

After completing the project, the Thornton homeowner has been able to achieve peace of mind!

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