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Thornton Exterior Concrete Repair

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Thornton,CO homeowners wanted to get various concrete exterior parts leveled and fixed. Their driveway, front entrance and garage had cracks and bumps that had been getting worse over time. The homeowners finally decided it was time to repair their exterior concrete so they started asking around the neighborhood for the right contractor. Repeatedly they heard Complete Basement Sytems was the best so they schedule an appointment!


Bill & Jane of Thornton, CO were looking to get most of their exterior concrete leveled and sealed. With cracking in driveway, entrance, and garage, there was major repairs to be done. With such a big job the homeowners wanted to hire a company that they could not only trust but that had great reviews. After hearing about Complete Basement Systems, the homeowners knew we were the team for the job.

Our talented foreman, Jacob Bass and our installation team took on the big job and were ready to help these homeowners. After discussing with the design specialists what the proper course of action was they decided on the right products to use. The installation team injected a PolyRenewal 250h, a foam leveling product, underneath the concrete slabs of the driveway and front entrance. Once the concrete slabs were level the team wanted to next fill in the cracks. The installation team used PolyRenewal Joint Sealant, which is a highly durable product used to fill in the cracks of concrete. It blends into the driveway and takes away those unwanted tripping points! Not only did they fill in the cracks of the driveway and the front entrance but also in the garage. The team also installed a proper drainage system in the yard. Once all areas of the exterior were sealed and leveled, the homeowners were finally able to get landscaping on their front yard!

Complete Basement Systems loves to help homeowners achieve a high quality of life at home with high quality fixes!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

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