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10 Ways A Clean Crawl Space Keeps Rodents Away

Crawl space pests multiply very fast, leaving a trail of damage behind. Find out how cleaning your crawl space keeps your crawl space free from rodents.

Clean a crawl space from pests

Do you live in a pre-fab or traditional home in Colorado Springs, CO? Your crawl space will attract pests such as house mice and rats. After all, this space is usually damp, dark, near food, and rarely monitored, making it the ideal hideout and breeding ground for pests. Pest incursions and traffic will be high around fall when food in the bush is scarce.

Once pests enter your crawl space, they will find their way to your trash bin, kitchen, and any other dark area such as ceilings and wall insulation where they can breed. Don’t give them a chance. Clean up this place.

Here are 10 ways that a clean crawl space can keep rodents away:

1. Cover the tunnels around your house

If you notice rub marks on ventilation holes, it’s a sign that rodents are already inside your crawl space. Pests require only a quarter-sized hole to gain access to anywhere in the home. Seal the vents immediately after you finish cleaning the crawl space. This will keep out pests lurking in the bushes near your home.

2. Cut off any food supply

The trash bin is the favorite spot for crawl space pests. Since most homeowners keep these bins near the crawl space, they attract a lot of crawl space rodents into the house. Cleaning the crawl space regularly will deny rodents the food and moisture they need to thrive in your home. This will force them out of your house.

3. Set traps for the rodents

When scrounging for leftovers, rats and mice gnaw any surface that stands in their way of accessing food. These include kitchen walls and storage cabinets. Cleaning the crawl space will help expose any holes that rodents use to get into the kitchen and food cabinets. Once you identify the holes, you can start setting traps or use chemicals to kill them.

4. Remove dead rodents

From time to time, you’ll find dead rats or mice in your crawl space. Don’t leave them there, as they will emit a foul odor when they decompose. Frequent cleaning will help you remove any mice that have been caught by your trap. With time, you will find their population is dwindling.

5. Scare them away with light

Rats and mice are nocturnal. During the day, they hide in dark spaces, such as the crawl space and ceiling, waiting for nightfall before they can emerge. If you clean this space regularly, remember to install lighting, as this will scare them away.

6. Remove breeding nests

Rodents multiply very fast, producing around six litters per year. Left unchecked, two small rodents can multiply into over 200 rodents in a year. As you clean, remove any rotten wood and dirt that rodents could use to breed. This will force them to seek an alternative nesting place in the bush.

7. Remove their trail

Rodents usually follow a trail when accessing a home. When cleaning your crawl space, check for trails, as other rodents might use them to find food. Clean any trail that you find. This will interfere with rodents’ movements and reduce their traffic.

8. Fill burrows

If pests inhabit the crawl space of your Colorado Springs, CO, home, look out for backfills and burrows where they hide and fill them. Call an expert to insulate your home from the outside if these burrows go all the way to the bush.

9. Repair damage

As well as leaving droppings that can contaminate food, pests may also gnaw walls, wood, water pipes, and even electrical wires. This can cause leaks and house fires. Call a pest control professional to eliminate the pests and your electrician and plumber to fix damaged wires and pipes, respectively. Cleaning and insulating your crawl space will stop pests from damaging your fixtures and exposing your loved ones to diseases.

10. Repair sagging insulation

Once pests find their way into your crawl space, expect them to move into any other dark and unmonitored space such as the wall or ceiling insulation. As they pass through to the main source of food, they will cause your insulation to sag, exposing you to greater risks. Fix any damaged or sagging insulation immediately after you finish cleaning the crawl space. Consider thermal insulation as a better alternative to easy-failing soft fiberglass.

Fix Your Crawl Space with Expert Help

If you notice any cracks or moisture problems in your crawl space, contact your local basement repair contractor and request a free crawl space repair estimate today.

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