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A Clean Crawl Space Can Make Your Home Unattractive to Pests

If you wish to make sure your home is safe from various pests, keeping your crawl space clean is the first step towards your goal.

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Clean a crawl space from pests

If, like a lot of homeowners from Colorado Springs, CO, you have a place with a crawl space, it is possible that at least once you’ve had a problem with a pest invasion. This is nothing unusual since a lot of households with this type of foundation have the exact same problem. It occurs due to the conditions this space creates. A crawl space is usually a dark, moist place, and it is located near a food source. This makes it an ideal breeding ground for a lot of pests. Your home is at high risk of pest invasion especially around fall and winter, when it becomes difficult for critters to find food outside. 

Once they enter your crawl space, pests can easily find their way into your kitchen, as well as to dark corners of your home where they can breed. Keeping your home clean and tidy can help you avoid pest infestation. Here is how keeping your home and crawl space as clean as possible can lower the number of pests on your property.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space 

If you have not encapsulated your crawl space, it is probably dirty and dusty, which makes it an ideal home for various pests. By having your crawl space sealed with a vapor barrier by a professional, you will keep it dry and clean, and therefore inhospitable to termites, cockroaches, ants, crickets, and other insects that need moisture to survive. While mice and rats can survive in a dry environment, they will be deterred by the plastic barrier. In addition, with encapsulation, you will keep moisture at bay, and keep allergenic mold spores away from your home. These spores can be problematic since they can rise up through the floor, contaminating the air in your entire home and compromising your health. 

Seal the Vents

If your ventilation holes have marks on them, various rodents have probably squeezed through them and entered your crawl space. A lot of pests only need a hole the size of a quarter to enter the crawl space. During the crawl space encapsulation process, your local crawl space expert will also seal the vents with durable vent covers so the pests that are lurking nearby don’t get a chance to cause damage. 

Remove Potential Sources of Food

When you look at your bin you see trash, pests see free lunch. A lot of homeowners keep their bins next to the foundation. These bins attract pests that then enter your crawl space and eventually your living space. Making sure that your bin cannot be easily opened is a good way to avoid attracting unwanted guests.

Setting Traps for the Rodents

You probably know that rodents can multiply extremely quickly. A typical mouse can produce from five to 10 litters a year. That means that you can start out with two small mice in your crawl space that do not cause a lot of damage and one year later end up with more than 200 rodents down there. In such a case, your home’s health will be significantly compromised. When looking for food, rodents will make a hole in any surface that stands between them and their meal. A lot of the time they destroy kitchen walls as well as storage cabinets.  Professional exterminators can detect the holes and tunnels mice or rats are using to get into your kitchen and set traps or use chemicals to kill them. 

Repair Any Damage Caused by Pests 

While pests leave their feces wherever they go, they also gnaw walls, pipes, and electrical wires. Make sure you call a pest professional to eliminate the pests and stop them from damaging your fixtures, as well as an electrician and a plumber to fix the damaged lines. This way, you will avoid potential leaks and house fires. Keeping your crawl space clean can ensure that you and your loved ones are not exposed to diseases.

Fix Sagging Insulation

If pests have entered your crawl space, don’t be surprised if they have moved into your wall insulation. While they are moving around in their search for food, they can cause your insulation to sag. Before encapsulating your crawl space, your local crawl space experts can remove any damaged insulation and install one that is durable and moisture-resistant.

If you wish to insulate or repair your crawl space, contact professionals at Complete Basement Systems and schedule a free estimate.

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