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11 Ways To Clean, Waterproof, & Protect Your Crawl Space

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A clean, waterproof crawl space can make all the difference in peace of mind, good health, preserving property value, and avoiding hefty repairs. Here are some of the solutions to consider when getting ready to tackle this part of your Denver, CO, home.

Why Address Your Crawl Space First?

Don’t waste precious time and money trying to fix, improve or makeover other parts of your home until you’ve taken care of your crawl space.

If you don’t:

  • Musty odors can penetrate your home and new furniture
  • Dampness will warp new floors and doors
  • Pest infestations and rodents will invade your home and do damage
  • You’ll be breathing unhealthy air
  • Mold can continue to spread behind your walls and between floors
  • You’ll be burning money on higher energy bills

Ways To Improve Your Crawl Space

There are many types of solutions to help improve and protect your crawl space. You may need one or to combine several of them for maximum protection.

1. Vapor Barriers

Moisture and vapor barriers provide thick plastic encapsulation for your crawl space. Use them to keep the moisture out of your home, eliminate water damage, block radon gas, and make the space less attractive to pests. Make sure crawl space walls, floors, and vents are included.

Types of Crawl Space Improvements

2. Insulated Crawl Space Encapsulation

Thermally insulated crawl space encapsulation provides extra protection. It is ideal for climates like we have in Colorado. This extra-thick insulated water barrier is more durable, will last longer, and has extra benefits. It will keep your home much warmer in the winter without having to run the heat as much. It keeps out all of the rising humidity in the summer to keep your cooling bills down too.

3. Clean Your Crawl Space

It may not be your favorite place to visit in your home. Even if you love washing the dishes, laundry, and sweeping, this can be a whole different type of cleaning. Yet a clean and disinfected crawl space is so much more usable, safe, and healthy. This is the first step to identifying what is really going on down there and what the best solutions are for your house.

4. Replace Skirting

Mobile home skirting is often in disrepair. This makes it very difficult to keep a clean space and to keep rodents and insects out. Note that it may be much easier to get under there and clean it up and take other proactive measures before you enclose the exterior again.

5. Dehumidifiers & Ventilation Fans

Normally, vented crawl spaces are very ineffective. They still manage to be very wet, damp, and dirty. Instead, consider an energy-efficient dehumidifier or new ventilation fan, which will cost less to run and work much better.

sump pump in crawl space

6. Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are great at getting rid of extra water, especially if your crawl space seems to flood often or is leaking. Old sump pumps can be an energy drain and very noisy. During your free inspection and estimate, ask your crawl space expert if it is time for an upgrade.

7. French Drains

French drains can be a great way to direct unwanted water away from your foundation walls without looking ugly. There are several variations from grated pipes and drains to gravel-covered ditches.

8. Interior Drains

Few homeowners know that one of the best ways to deal with water seepage and leaks in their crawl space or basement is to install drainage on the inside. These direct unwanted water to your sump pump.

9. Exterior Gutters

One of the top reasons for foundation erosion and crawl space leaks is clogged, broken, or missing gutters on the exterior of your home. If you are wary of spending money on preserving your home or just want it to last a lot longer, start by inspecting your gutters.

10. Grading and Drainage Around The Perimeter Of Your Home

Melting snow and hard rains can really add a lot of pressure to your foundation walls. Unless you are directing this away appropriately it will crack and cave in your foundation walls. Once this happens, your whole home can become a pile of rubble.

cracked foundation

11. Fixing Foundations & Foundation Wall Issues

You may already have foundation wall cracks or leaks. Or original damp proofing may have peeled off of your concrete block walls. Fix these sources of water intrusion before trying to simply put a bandaid on the symptoms.

Fix Your Crawl Space with Expert Help

Are you ready to improve the health of your crawl space and your home? Don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at Complete Basement Systems for a free crawl space repair inspection and repair quote!

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