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Case Studies: Waterproofing in Aurora, CO

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Friday, June 16th, 2017


An Aurora home was having trouble stopping flooding in its crawlspace. Flooding in the crawlspace can cause health and safety issues for the whole family reducing the quality of life. The homeowners wanted an expert contracting company to help prevent water damage so they contacted Complete Basement Systems.


Finished Product! Here is a great looking crawlspace complete with CrawlSeal, VentBlock, and debris free!

Aurora homeowner was having trouble with water prevention in his crawlspace. He wanted to make sure that there was no water or vapor getting into his crawlspace causing water damage or possible mold problems. After recent years of flooding this homeowner has become more concerned about his crawlspace staying in safe condition. He contacted Complete Basement Systems to help him make his home safe and dry!

Our expert installation foreman Jacob and his team set out on the job in Aurora. To provide top water damage prevention a variety of products were installed. The team first removed any debris to provide a clean slate. The team then put down our top liner CrawlSeal that will stop water damage. This product has been installed in thousands of Denver homes and has helped them achieve safety. This liner was also able to go around the supports with Wrap Piers providing additional protection. To stop vapor from coming in the team put in a ExTremeBloc that will help moisture stay out.

After Complete Basement Systems finished the job, the homeowner has been able to be stress free when it starts to rain!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass

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