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Case Studies: CrawlSeal in Centennial, CO

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Centennial, CO homeowners needed to waterproof their crawlspace. The South Locust Court home had been experiencing water prevention issues, and the homeowners wanted to make sure that their crawlspace was safe and dry. A few of their neighbors had recently used Complete Basement Systems for their homes services, so the homeowners decided they should to!


Beautiful sealed crawlspace thanks to CrawlSeal and Complete Basement Systems.

Centennial, CO homeowners knew that when it came to crawlspace protection, they were not on top of their game. The homeowners were worried that if they did not waterproof their crawlspace then future damages could be very harmful to their home. They loved their home and wanted to hire a contractor that would put care into it as well. They decided Complete Basement Systems was the best for their project!

Our experienced installation foreman Jacob and his team went to help these homeowners out. The foreman first installed drainage matting on the ground of the crawlspace to make sure that their was proper waterflow in the crawlspace. On top of the drainage matting they installed CrawlSeal which is a high quality liner that will prevent water from escaping into the crawlspace. A Ventblock was also installed to prevent vapor from getting in and for great insulation.

After Complete Basement Systems Completed the job, the homeowners felt safe and dry!

Project Summary

  • Foreman: Jacob Bass

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