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Case Studies: Cleaning up a Crawl Space in Longmont

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Monday, July 10th, 201


Longmont, CO crawlspace was in need of water protection systems. The crawlspace did not have any lining or water protection systems and was at risk for future water damage. In order to protect the safety of his home, the homeowner contacted Complete Basement Systems to help get his crawlspace protected.


Here is a great view of the CrawlSeal liner that was installed in the crawlspace. It is a clean white color that is highly durable and great in protecting from water damage.

Dave of Longmont, CO was having crawl space issues with water and lack of lining. He booked an estimate and project with Complete Basement Systems. After issues with past flooding and major rain he wanted to make sure that his crawl space would have guaranteed products which all of his neighbors told him Complete Basement Systems only uses.

Our amazing foreman, Jesse Hass, and team went out to the job in Longmont. Jesse and his team put down Regrade crawl soil to start a clean slate in the crawl space for the additional systems to be installed. Next the team put down our great CrawlSeal liner which protection water from damaging the crawlspace floor. These are two extremely great products and Jesse knew that these would be the best solution for Dave’s crawl space.

Now in the future Dave will be better produced from crawl space water damage.

Project Summary

Foreman: Jesse Hass

Products: CrawlSeal Liner, Regrade crawl soil

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