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Cold Crawl Spaces

Does your home feel particularly cold? Open crawl space are most likely the culprit. Learn more about creating a healthier crawl space and home.

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Now more and more as the seasons change and the weather drops keeping your home warm and cozy becomes a large concern. Cold floors become more noticeable, and the biggest culprit is the crawl space.  Many homes around the Denver Metro area were built on top of crawl spaces and many of these crawl spaces are vented and sit on exposed dirt. Properly sealing up, insulating, and encapsulating the crawl space can do wonders lowering your energy bill and keeping the floors and areas above the crawl space comfortable livable spaces.

One major improvement you can make to your crawl space this winter is to close off the vents. 

Venting On A Cool or Winter Day

If the RH (relative humidity) of air goes up when we cool it, it goes down when we heat it. So if we vent out crawl spaces in the winter and bring in 35-degree air with the 60% RH, and we warm that air in our 62-degree crawl space, the RH does to 3%. With this dry air, we can begin to dry our crawl space. Of course, the dry cold air mixes with the crawl space air and cool the crawl space, and we have water evaporating from the earth into the crawl space air, so we never achieve 3% RH in our crawl space – but materials dry out and there is no condensation.

Hey, we’re drying our crawl space with vents now! This is great, right? Well, if you like high energy bills, cold floors and cold drafts, then this is for you!

Improve the Health of Your Crawl Space and Home with Expert Help

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