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Crawl Space Encapsulation Care for the Busy Homeowner

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An area like the crawl space that stays out of sight for many weeks or months never comes to mind unless there’s a serious problem. Flooding, mold infestation, and wood rot are some of the things that jolt people into action. Worryingly, some of them believe their problems will come to an end when they encapsulate this space. So, they quickly get back to their lives hoping it stays clean, dry, and healthy.

Sorry to say this, but this carefree attitude among homeowners in Denver, CO, sets the stage for problems. It is important to maintain your crawl space encapsulation and ensure it continues to work in locking out moisture and making it more difficult for pests to get in.

Is Crawl Space Inspection Necessary?

Yes, it is. How else will you uncover what’s ailing this area? Crawl space inspection is at the heart of any maintenance work. You can’t fix or resolve issues whose origin you’re not sure of. During inspection, look for pest or termite activity. Check the walls or ceiling for mold and mildew. Also, check whether the insulation is wet or dry.

Is there condensation on the walls? Are water pipes and ducts insulated? What about electrical wires? Are they exposed? If the answer is yes to all these questions, ask your crawl space repair contractor to come and address them.

When Do I Inspect the Crawl Space?

Spring is the ideal time to inspect the crawl space. The weather is favorable, not cold or hot. So, you can do visual checks without worrying about freezing or getting baked by the sweltering heat. However, you can still check this space in summer, as it’s a time when precipitation is exceedingly high. You want to make sure moisture-laden air from the outside isn’t getting into the crawl space. Also, check this space before winter begins. Ensure the subfloor is intact and that all water pipes are leak-free and properly insulated.

How Do You Know the Encapsulation is Defective?

You may have your suspicions, but you can’t take meaningful action unless you confirm something is wrong. A visual inspection will reveal the truth. Keep an eye out for cold floors and walls, mold and mildew streaks, and pungent smells. Peeling wall paint, high heating costs, and increased pest activity are other unmistakable signs that the encapsulation is defective.

Crawl Space Care Tips

Inspect the crawl space encapsulation of your Denver, CO, home for physical damage. Starting from the inside, check whether it’s intact or torn. Scratch marks could indicate pests are trying to claw their way in. If you notice moisture on the vapor barrier, it is likely moisture-laden air is entering the crawl space. Find out the source and fix it.

Eliminate rodents and pests as much as possible, as they can tunnel their way through the unfinished crawl space floor and damage your encapsulation. Clear any bush or shrub that surrounds the crawl space too.

Check for cracks on the crawl space walls and the foundation. These can let in air into the crawl space and bring back moisture. Ensure the ducts that run inside this space are leak-free as well, so outside air won’t get in.

Your grains, canned food, and water are supposed to be in the kitchen, not the crawl space. When you bring them down there, you’re telling hungry pests they can help themselves. Pests will contaminate the crawl space and damage your insulation.

If you have been storing woodworking tools or other pointed tools in the crawl space, time is up to move them elsewhere. These tools can pierce the vapor barrier and rupture it. This will reduce the efficiency of the encapsulation.

We encourage you to sign up for an annual crawl space maintenance plan. It’s your ticket to crawl space dryness and comfort. The professionals at Complete Basement Systems will not only inspect your vapor barrier, but they also will check and test the dehumidifier, crawl space drain, and insulation. If there are serious problems, they will bring them up and recommend appropriate fixes.

Don’t let a torn plastic vapor barrier jeopardize your efforts to create a moisture-free and clean crawl space that is less attractive to pests. Get in touch with the crawl space experts at Complete Basement Systems for a free crawl space repair inspection and quote. We perform swift and professional repairs across Denver, CO.

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