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Case Studies: Crawl Space Reinvention in Denver, CO

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Monday, November 26th, 2018


Sonia from Denver was getting frustrated with the messy, cold and debris-filled state of her crawlspace. After noticing that her lower levels was frigid cold in the winter and spring, she took a look in her crawlspace only to find a disaster area. Brick had been coming loose from her walls, fiberglass insulation batts had fallen apart, and a few unwanted pests had made an appearance as well. With the determination to transform her crawlspace, Sonia decided to research the best in the business and called Complete Basement Systems to get the job done!


After setting up a free, no-obligation estimate and inspection from our expert Design Specialist Eric, he decided the best route to Sonia’s crawlspace reinvention would be to encapsulate and insulate her crawlspace. Eric knew our industry leading products would keep Sonia’s crawlspace clean, dry and warm for many years to come!

our amazing Foreman Jesse and his team quickly got to work, first removing all of the loose and falling brick, old insulation and other random debris. After clearing everything out, the team installed our CrawlSeal vapor barrier to encapsulate Sonia’s crawlspace. To provide the best efficiency and heat-trapping capability to her crawlspace, the team insulated with our ExTremeBloc insulation panels, as well as our moisture barrier and insulation panels. The doubled-up insulation can guarantee Sonia a warm, efficient and dry crawlspace no matter the conditions.

From chilly and full of debris to warm and pest free, Sonia’s crawlspace makeover is sure to leave her stress free. She will no longer have to be concerned about the uncomfortable temperatures, unwanted pest guests or the mess!

If you’re concerned about the state of your crawlspace, Complete Basement Systems can help! We have been helping homeowners with “All things basements” for 19 years, and continue to pride ourselves on the quality of our work today. Call us today for a free estimate and inspection!

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