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Case Studies: Crawlspace Transformation in Denver, CO

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Friday, January 4th, 2019


This homeowner became concerned with water in her crawlspace after she noticed patches of efflorescence appearing in the walls of their basement that were connected the crawlspace. After going down into the crawlspace to try and confirm her suspicion, she realized  matters were worse than she originally predicted. Her crawlspace was filled with old fallen brick, piles of dirt and debris, and even old patches of fiberglass insulation that were damp, damaged and falling off the walls. She knew the risk of having a damp and messy crawlspace, and went to do her research on the web for the best in the crawlspace clean-up business! Finding us after she saw positive reviews on yelp and google, she made an appointment right away to transform her crawlspace!


Our awesome foreman Jesse came out to her home and completed a full walk through of the crawlspace and lower levels, and confirmed her worry about the messy and wet crawlspace. After devising an expert solution to clean and encapsulate the crawlspace, The crew quickly set out to transform the area from messy and wet to clean and dry! First removing all the debris, fallen brick and old insulation, they encapsulated her crawlspace using our CrawlSeal liner, making the crawlspace clean and preventing anymore moisture from accumulating. The crawlspace was totally reinvented, giving the homeowner peace of mind about standing water and a mess!
If your crawlspace is messy and damp, give us a call! we can come to you and do a free, no-obligation inspection to come up with a personalize and guaranteed solution to whatever problem you have!

The new and beautiful encapsulated crawlspace!
Clean, dry and beautiful all thanks to Jesse and his crew!

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