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Does My Crawl Space NEED a Vapor Barrier?

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2019
There's a snake in my...Crawlspace? - Image 1

While there may not be a snake in your boot, there’s most likely a snake (or other creepy crawlies) lurking in your crawl space! As our Colorado winter cold comes in, it frosts over most critters’ homes, leaving those buggers to seek shelter somewhere else! Your open, damp, and dirt-filled crawl space is the perfect vacation destination for these unwanted guests, especially if you have moisture or open venting.

Moisture, especially in a dirt crawl space, brings about perfect living conditions for microorganisms like mold, dust mites, and bacteria. These tiny, undetectable critters can weasel their way into your air vents and then into your home, which can trigger allergies and illness. Mold spores and bacteria can be especially harmful, as they can cause long-term illnesses and travel airborne easily.

Although it’s unpleasant to see bugs like termites and mice make a home in your crawl space, the critters of concern are the apex predators that hunt these little guys. Snakes and spiders follow their prey, which means there’s bound to be even scarier pests feasting in your crawl space, too. Dirt and debris make the perfect places to hide and burrow in your crawl space, and your home’s heat makes the temperature conditions favorable for them to camp out for the winter.

So, what can you do about these unwanted pests making your home their hangout? Keeping your crawl space clean, tidy, and dry and sealing anywhere that pests could get in will make your space less hospitable for the creepy crawlies that would make your home a winter hangout spot. The best way to get that done in one go? Encapsulate your crawl space! A reliable vapor barrier and thorough cleanout will ensure that your crawl space stays clean and dry, making your home less attractive to pests in the winter and all year round!

If you’re having pest problems, standing water, or debris in your crawl space, Complete Basement Systems can help! Our patented crawl space protection products are guaranteed to fix whatever crawl space complications you have. We provide free, on-site estimates and consultations to ensure the best solution to whatever problem you have, all at no cost to you!

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