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Case Studies: IntelliJack Crawl Space in Longmont

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Saturday, April 13th, 2019
The IntelliJacks (one of 33 of our patented products) are the metal poles that are standing vertical supporting the crawlspace and are connected to the Supplemental Beams.


Longmont, CO home had been experiencing foundational issues in its crawl space. In order to make sure that their home and crawlspace were safe and supported properly they wanted to make sure that they hired the best contractor for the job. After hearing many reviews about Complete Basement Systems, they decided to schedule their project.


Renee and Mike of Longmont, CO were having foundational issues in their family home. They had been looking for a company that had guaranteed products that would be long lasting. Contacting Complete Basement Systems was an easy decision for the family because they had heard such great things from people in their town.

Jesse Hass, our talented foreman, took on the project and decided which products needed to be installed. Jesse and his crew installed IntelliJack in the crawl space to support the house with additional Supplemental beams- IntelliBrace Steel to support the house as welll. IntelliJacks are one of our 33 patented products and is highly durable and proved great results in many Denver area homes.

The project was successful and the homeowners now have a supported foundation that will keep the crawl space and home from sinking or other problems.

Project Summary

Foreman: Jesse Hass

Products: IntelliJack, Supplemental Beam- IntelliBrace Steel

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