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Case Studies: Waterproofing in Parker, CO

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


Colorado homeowners were in major need of having their crawlspace waterproofed after continous flooding when it rains. They wanted their crawlspace to be clean and dry all year round no matter what the weather is. After doing their research on companies that waterproofed, they decided Complete Basement Systems was the most trusted for the job.


A Parker, CO home was really needing to have its crawlspace waterproofed. The crawlspace was having trouble draining water out and keeping water out. In recent years when it has stormed, the homeowners have had problem with flooding and no system to properly pump water out of the basement. In order to provide this home with a healthy and safe space for the owners friends and families, they decided to hire Complete Basement Systems to save their crawlspace!

Our expert foreman Jacob and our installation team knew that some great products had to be installed. The team first put down Regrade crawlspace soil so that there would be new fresh soil down in the crawl space for a clean base. The team put Drainage Matting that would help direct the flow of water coming into the crawlspace to prevent flooding and water damage. On top of the matting they put down a heavy duty liner called CrawlSeal that has been used in thousands of homes in the Denver area. This liner also has a clean finished look! For proper drainage outside the team installed a EZ Flow drainage system that would help the water escape to the outside. To pump water a sump pump called SafeDri was installed that if the power does go out, it runs on its own batteries and will make sure homeowners do not have to worry about flooding. Complete Basement Systems has high quality products that give high quality results.

After Complete Basement Systems finished the job, this Parker home has been able to go through rainy Colorado seasons without having to fear for a flooded basement.

Project Summary

Foreman: Jacob Bass