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Case Studies: CrawlSeal in Parker, CO

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Saturday, April 13th, 2019

CrawlSeal in a crawl space in Parker. This will protect the crawl space from future water damage. Look how clean and sleek it is!


Parker homeowner was concerned with the condition of his crawl space. With the crazy weather conditions of Colorado it is important to protect your home especially what it is built on. With our guaranteed products our company can help you protect yourself from years of bad weather. Complete Basement Systems has trusted contractors who want to help protect your home!


Tim of Parker, CO was in need of a crawl space repair. He had continually noticed that water was draining into his crawl space and not outside where it should be. Your crawl space is a very important part of your home even if it is not in regular use. Complete Basement Systems wants to help you keep your greatest investment clean and safe for years to come!

Our expert foreman, Bryan and his team set out on the job. The crew has been completing crawl space projects for years and wanted to help protect this Parker home. The installation team used various products to insulate and seal the crawl space. To make sure that the crawl space was sealed and safe from the damages of rain and snow, they installed a CrawlSeal Liner. This liner is amazing and has helped thousands of homeowners be water damage free. The liner was also completed with drainage matting. To protect the walls of the crawl space which then also protects the liner, they used a special insulation product called ExTremeBloc Insulation.

After our expert insulation team completed the job, Tim has peace of mind knowing that his crawl space is sealed and protecting his family.

Project Summary

Foreman: Bryan Woodke

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