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Crawl Space 101: Preventative Measures for in Denver, CO

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Unfortunately, proper crawl space maintenance is one of the most underrated aspects of home improvement. So, these spaces end up developing a perennial cycle of issues. Problems usually range from poor ventilation to pest infestation as well as condensation.

Taking a proactive approach to crawl space maintenance will go a long way in ensuring a dry and healthy space. On top of that, it will also prevent moisture buildup and can lower your monthly energy bills. Here are six crawl space preventative measures homeowners across Denver, CO, should embrace to protect their homes.

Crack Repair

The walls surrounding your crawl space support the entire weight of your house. So, you must inspect them often for cracks or other damage. Cracks won’t just weaken your walls, but they also act as entry points for insects and water. If not repaired, these cracks can lead to other expensive structural damage.

While there are some DIY crack repairs you could take on, it’s best to leave these structural issues alone and reach out to an expert contractor for advice. Experienced contractors who regularly work with foundations and crawl spaces will be able to evaluate what’s going on with the walls and recommend the best course of action. Various repair solutions to shore up the walls include wall repair and reinforcements like carbon fiber supports and wall anchors, foundation piers, and crawl space support jacks.

Plastic Vapor Barrier

Crawl space encapsulation is another effective way of protecting your home against moisture and water intrusion. The soil under your home holds moisture, which can evaporate into your crawl space, causing wood rot and other problems. This moisture also affects the internal conditions in your home. You may find the indoors too hot, too cold, dry, or even stuffy.

By applying a durable plastic vapor barrier over the floors and walls, you’ll keep this moisture out and prevent any water from evaporating into your crawl space. Other than preventing moisture build-up, the vapor barrier also serves as extra insulation. Your home will feel warmer during cold months and cooler in summer, which means you won’t need to run your HVAC as much.

Sump Pump Installation

Because of its low-lying position and the fact that it sees less traffic, the crawl space is one area that’s susceptible to flooding. Water or moisture can get in during rainstorms, when snow melts, or when a water pipe leaks or bursts. By installing a sump pump, you can control water before it collects and damages your crawl space.

A sump pump prevents water from flooding and eliminates moisture build-up. With the help of an interior drainage system, this appliance collects the water in your crawl space at its lowest point and pumps it outside your home, keeping the area dry.


If moisture builds up inside your crawl space, it can weaken wooden structures and damage your home’s foundation. Insulating your crawl space creates an unbroken sheet that seals the walls from outside humidity and moisture infiltration. It also prevents radon gas, rodents, and termites from entering your home, all the while conditioning the crawl space.


Just because you have completely sealed off your crawl space doesn’t mean it’s 100% moisture-proof. You have to take action to prevent internal moisture or water issues from cropping up. Seasonal changes can foster humidity, which is bad for your crawl space. To control air flow and regulate moisture levels, get a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier helps you remove excess moisture from the air. It also helps you bring down moisture to the desired levels, thus preventing mold growth and water damage.

Consider Redesigning Your Landscaping

As you waterproof the crawl space from within, don’t forget to landscape your yard. The gradient of your yard also contributes greatly to a damp home. It determines whether your crawl space stays dry or gets wet. Grading your yard to slope away from your home prevents ground and rainwater from flowing back to the crawl space.

Is Your Crawl Space in Need of Repair or Renovation?

Taking care of your crawl space is the first step toward creating a dry, clean, and healthy home. For more information on how you can control moisture or prevent secondary damage, get in touch with the experts at Complete Basement Systems.

We are professionals in crawl space repair and have been serving the Denver, CO, residents since 1999. Our highly trained and experienced team can help you take care of any crawl space issues. Not sure where to start? Request a free crawl space inspection and estimate today!

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