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Summer Heat and Your Crawl Space

The condition of your crawl space affects your home in many ways. However, this area doesn’t warm up the home in summer.

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Your crawl space does more than host your vital mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. It creates a buffer zone. Its condition also affects your Colorado Springs, CO, home in more than one way. But what it doesn’t do is to warm up your house. Far too many think it does. How is that possible? 

After all, all the hot air from the outside gets into your home through this space. Due to air movement and circulation, your crawl space will always be cooler than the rest of your home. 

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What Should I Worry About?  

A hot and humid summer can turn your crawl space into a structural and health hazard. Moisture buildup will instigate many problems from mold growth to wood rot. All these impact the quality of life indoors. 

Condensation will occur when your crawl space accumulates warm and humid air from the outside. Moisture levels can also go through the roof and stay there for days. When the temperatures drop, the air will give up its moisture. You will start seeing water droplets on your crawl space walls and insulation. If the problem persists, the water droplets will flow to your floor and form a pool. 

Typical of Colorado Springs, CO, summers, warm air gets into the crawl space and displaces the cool air inside. This creates a vacuum that lets new air rush in as well. If the incoming air is dusty or filled with pollutants and microorganism like mold spores, you can be sure it will spoil the indoor air. Allergies, itchy eyes, persistent coughs, and worsening asthma are telltale signs of a change in the air quality of your home. 

Your crawl space insulation is susceptible to moisture. When moist air from the outside accumulates, it’s only a matter of time before your fiberglass insulation crumbles. This material mimics a sponge. It gets wet and soggy in the presence of moisture and will sag, then fall off your joists. 

Let’s not forget the impact of moisture on your wooden beams and structures. Crawl space dampness sets the stage for wood rot. Decaying wood loses its strength and ability to offer support to the load above. 

If you don’t act fast, you’ll be forced to perform crawl space repairs and call mold remediation experts to help you get rid of mold. Both activities will cost you money and could disrupt your life. 

Enhance the Comfort of Your Home 

Start by sealing open vents to stop air flows from the outside, then install a 20-mil plastic vapor barrier over the crawl space floor and walls. Insulate the crawl space area as well to prevent thermal transfer so the interior stays comfortable and dry. 

You also want to ensure hot outside air doesn’t get into your home. The best way to do this is by closing all south-facing windows during the day and covering them with curtains. If you need to air out your rooms, do so at night when the temperatures are low. The air is less humid during this time, meaning it carries less moisture vapor.  

While Colorado isn’t as humid as other areas of the country, we encourage you to dehumidify the crawl space area. It’s a great way of reducing moisture buildup, the major cause of wood rot, rust, and crawl space condensation. Go for an energy-efficient dehumidifier that can also filter the air. This way, you won’t just be controlling moisture, but also curbing pollutants and things like mold spores that can release musty smells in your home. Are you struggling with crawl space issues? You have to act fast before they hurt your home. Moisture buildup, condensation, mold, and wood decay all threaten the safety and structural integrity of your house. 

For a free crawl space repair inspection and quote, get in touch with Complete Basement Systems. We’re happy to evaluate the condition of your crawl space and recommend lasting fixes to your moisture problems.

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