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Vapor Barrier Install In Westminster, CO

This home owner in Westminister, CO had been starting to see a water line in our basement at the junction where the concrete wall meets the basement floor, where the crawlspace was located above the basement water intrusion. After the request from our website came, we gave him a call to set an appointment with our design specialist Jonathan F. who came to do a full inspection of their basement and crawlspace. Upon inspection, he was able to find that the crawlspace had standing water due to moisture accumulation from enclosed moisture. Drawing up a customized solution to prevent any more water in the crawlspace. Our foreman Israel set out complete the project, removing the old tarp and insulation in the crawlspace, and installing our ExTremeBloc insulation panels, and full vapor barrier. Upon the completion, no more water was found in the basement, and the homeowners peace of mind was restored!

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