Crawlspace Clean Up in Parker, CO

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Parker, CO homeowners were ready to get their crawlspace repaired. After recent flooding years they were unsure that their crawlspace would survive another major rain storm. In order to prevent future water damage the homeowners decided to contact Complete Basement Systems to waterproof their crawlspace.


Sam & Ellie needed their Parker, CO home’s crawlspace to be repaired. They wanted to have proper drainage and protection from future water issues. After recent major flooding in the Denver area they were worried about their crawlspace being able to withstand another major flood. Sam & Ellie did research on who they should call and found Complete Basement Systems to be the best for the job.

Our talented foreman, Felipe and his crew went out to the job. To protect Sam & Ellie’s home they decided which products to install to make sure the homeowners were safe in their space. Felipe decided to install the wonderful lining CrawlSeal and drainage matting. He also used a Underlayment and a Ventblock so that vapor would not get in and also damage the crawlspace. For additional waterproofing he also used ExTremeBloc Rim Joist and ExTremeBloc Wall Insulation. The crew thought that all of the new installments were the best for the homes protection.

After Felipe and his crew did their job, the home was better suited for the next rain storm!

Project Summary

Foreman: Felipe Oronia

Product: CrawlSeal, Drainage Matting, ExTremeBloc Rim Joist, ExTremeBloc Wall Insulation, Underlayment, Ventblock 4″ ExTremeBloc

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