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5 Denver Nuggets Basements and Fan Caves

Are you an NBA fan who's wondering what to do with your basement? Get inspired by an insider's look at these five ultimate Denver Nuggets basements and fan caves.

As Denver Nuggets fans, we’ve seen many local homeowners who want to turn their basement into a fan cave for watching NBA games. To get inspiration for the ultimate fan cave, we wanted to take a look inside the homes of past and present Denver Nuggets players.

In our roundup of basement ideas, we see Denver Nuggets using their basements for playing video games, for dry storage, as an at-home spa, and even as a home bowling alley. Which basement do you wish you had in your home?

1. Michael Porter Jr.’s Basement Lounge

Attribution: PUMA – YouTube

Denver Nuggets player Michael Porter Jr. lives in the Sloan Lake neighborhood of Denver with two of his seven siblings. When he showed off the home in 2019, one of the highlights was a basement chill spot. With a TV and some couches, it’s clearly a spot where he likes to hang out. His brother’s bedroom is right off the lounge area.

Porter told the Denver Post that the family has “basement battles” while playing NBA 2K. Because his sister’s third-floor bedroom is far from the basement lounge, she says, “Now that we have more space, I don’t have to listen to them screaming during video games all the time.”

2. Carmelo Anthony’s Sneaker Room

Attribution: MTV Vault – YouTube

Carmello Anthony played for the Denver Nuggets from 2003 to 2011, and when his home was featured in a classic episode of MTV Cribs, we got an insider’s look into his sneaker room. The massive space has floor-to-ceiling shelves with hundreds of sneakers lined up. There are so many kicks that the 6-foot-7-inch NBA player needs a step ladder to reach the top shelves. After running out of shelving, he even started to line more shoes up on the floor for extra storage. 

3. Andre Miller’s Basement Jacuzzi Room

Attribution: remaxproscolorado – YouTube

When playing for the Nuggets from 2003 to 2006, Andre Miller lived in a 4,713-square-foot home in Centennial, CO. After seeing the 2014 real estate listing, fans commented that the most interesting part of the home is in the basement. 

Miller’s basement hot tub is sunk into the foundation so that the NBA player could step down when he wanted to soak. The real estate listing showed the room unfurnished, but by adding some home decor, it could make it into the perfect at-home spa.

4. Sweet Basement in the House Will Barton Bought His Mom

Attribution:  Freealexander Media – YouTube

This Denver Nuggets basement is a little different. Rather than being the home where one of the players lives, it’s the home that Will Barton bought for his mom. Rather than a fan cave, this basement would be  a “mom cave.”

The basement is finished in shades of white with wall-to-wall carpeting, recessed lighting, a place to watch TV, bar area, and shuffleboard table. In an Instagram post, he shared how the home is a way to give back to his mom. “I wouldn’t be where I am without you,” he said. 

5. Nick Van Exel’s Basement Bowling Alley

When former Nugget Nick Van Exel sold his Houston home, the Trulia listing photos gave us a look at the swanky basement of this 16,799-square-foot home. On the lower level, there’s a 26-seat movie theatre and a two-lane bowling alley. This puts the luxury home on par with the amenities in the White House basement, which also has a bowling alley.

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