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10 Helical Piers installed in Longmont, CO

Dealing with a sticking windows and doors, as well as a cracking and settling foundation can be stressful for homeowners. But we can help fix these issues and address the underlying cause. Read on to learn more.



A home in Longmont, CO, was experiencing a multitude of problems after the foundation started sinking from our volatile Colorado soils. The foundation’s vertical movement caused cracks in the brick wall around the perimeter of the home, cracks in the basement wall and ceiling, and the front and back doors had issues opening and closing. Knowing she had to take action as soon as possible to prevent further damage, the homeowner called the best in the foundation stabilization business, Complete Basement Systems!


after helicals installed

After her consultation with one of our inspectors, one of our installation crews set to work to restore the foundation to its original state. The team started by excavating deep into the sides of the house, through layers of soil and bedrock to get to the very bottom of the foundation.

After exposing the footing of the home, the team prepared it for a bracket. Rugged steel helical piers were then mechanically driven into the soil to stabilize the foundation. Installing five Helical Piers on the north side and five on the south side, the team made sure that the piers were expertly placed to ensure their lifetime support guarantee. 

Once the piers were installed, the team was able to lift the home back to its original level. Not only did the piers resolve the foundation settling problems, but they also prevent any future settling so this homeowner can live worry-free! Now, her foundation won’t budge, and the foundation cracks and are no more! She no longer has to be concerned about any more shifting, front and back door issues, or future cracking again. 

Project Summary

Engineer: Matt Weber
Installing Contractor: Complete Basement Systems
Products Installed: Helical Piers

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