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3 Crawlspace IntelliJacks Installed in Aurora, CO

This homeowner became concerned with her foundation heaving when she noticed the floor of her laundry room dipping and a large ceiling crack that had extended down the wall. Looking on google to make a diagnosis, she found no definitive culprit for her issue and decided to call the best in home repair, Complete Basement Systems! We sent out our design specialist Robert to give her a free inspection for her issues, who determined her crawlspace support system was failing. The crawlspace support posts had rusted and rotted away, causing them to break. We sent out our foreman Israel to install 3 IntelliJack support posts to permanently stabilize her crawlspace support beams and correct the dip in her laundry room floor. Now her laundry room floor will no longer heave, and there will be no more cracking through the walls of her home.

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