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3 IntelliJacks Installed in Aurora, CO

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This homeowner in Aurora, CO noticed that her floor in the laundry room had started to sag, creating a large vertical crack in the laundry room wall that had extended up to the ceiling. She decided to google the issues her laundry room was having and came up with no definitive answers, but found our services and decided to call us and schedule a no-obligation free estimate and inspection with our design specialist, Robert. He went and inspected the home and confirmed her suspicions of a sagging floor, informing her that the supports in the crawlspace had rusted away and were not longer supporting the floor beams, causing the  floor to sag and rip away from the other walls. He proposed to install 3 IntelliJack support systems in the crawlspace, replacing the old rusted support posts and preventing any further damage while correcting the previous damage.


Once the proposal had been made and the installation was set, our foreman Israel set out to the home to complete the installation. He found the old and rusted support posts, that had been eaten away from top to bottom. The supports were so damaged that little excavation was needed to break them away from the support beam and the concrete beneath them. Upon completion if the IntelliJacks installation, the homeowner was thrilled to see her floor level again, and have her peace of mind restored! Now her floors won’t rip or sag any father, and the cracking in her laundry room won’t worsen!

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