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Foundation Cracks and Your Unstable Foundation – Is There a Correlation?

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foundation and wall cracks

When it comes to foundation problems, the smallest crack can make even the most laid-back homeowner break. The general idea is that foundation cracks are a sign that your foundation is unstable. While these cracks are an indication of a bigger problem brewing beneath the ground, they do not always give you a direct answer to what is causing the cracks. In this article, we will try and debunk some common foundation crack misconceptions.

Common Foundation Crack Misconceptions

First things first, we’d like to overcome four misconceptions.

Myth #1: Foundation Cracks Are a Sign of Normal Settling and Do Not Require Fixing

Although there’s some truth in it, not all foundation cracks are a result of natural settling. People often mistake a sunken foundation for natural settling. Unlike natural settling, foundation sinking occurs when the foundation is laid improperly. You should repair any cracks caused by a sinking foundation immediately.

Quick repairs prevent further damage to the foundation and forestall problems that accompany it. Foundation cracks may also allow water to seep into your basement. If not repaired quickly, this water can cause an array of problems, including wood rot, mold and mildew growth, and the deterioration of your home’s structure.

Myth #2: Watering the Soil Can Rectify Cracks Caused by Changes in Moisture Content

During summer, the soil under your home shrinks like a sponge as moisture evaporates into the air. When this happens, your home’s foundation loses its supports, causing it to shift. This is what causes cracks to appear on your walls.

Unfortunately, most homeowners believe they can avoid this problem by keeping the soil moisture levels up by watering it. While this might hold for a while, it is not a long-term solution. In fact, it can result in other more significant problems in the event of over saturating the soil with water. Oversaturated soil puts more pressure on the foundation walls, causing them to bow inward.

Myth #3: Cracks Can Help Identify the Root Issue

Physical observation alone can’t give you the answers you need. And you’re more likely to reach the wrong conclusions by looking at the cracks. The truth is that a lot of things come into play. The history of the home, underlying soil conditions, and initial ground preparation are all factors that determine whether you’ll experience foundation cracks.

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Myth #4: Fixing Foundation Cracks Costs an Arm and a Leg

Another common misconception is that all foundation repairs are costly, which isn’t always the case. For instance, the cost of repairing cracks depends on the severity of the crack and the cause of the problem. With minor cracks, the solution can be as simple as injecting epoxy into the wall, which is relatively easy and inexpensive to fix.

However, failing to solve these crack issues early can lead to more significant structural concerns and even costlier repairs. If you bump into cracks in your foundation, no matter how small, contact a reputable foundation expert in Colorado Springs, CO, to check them out.

When Should You Be Worried About Foundation Cracks?

Cracks in your foundation, no matter how small, are a serious issue. If you see cracks in your home’s foundation, including drywall cracks and cracked bricks, make sure you address them immediately.

Cracks may start small and widen with time. Anything that’s more than half an inch wide should prompt you to take quick action. Further investigation is necessary to determine their root cause and this will inform the next course of action.

Foundation Crack Solutions

Once you understand the nature of the cracks and their extent, only then will you be able to apply the right solution. Your foundation repair expert might use any of the following to stabilize the foundation and potentially restore the floor to its original position.

  • Helical piers
  • Push piers
  • Slab piers
  • IntelliJack™ stabilizers
installing push piers
  • IntelliBrace™ wall beams
  • Carbon fiber wall repair
  • Wall anchors
  • Concrete lifting
intellibrace installation

Take the next step

If you have cracks in your foundation, now is the ideal time to have them repaired. Don’t delay or attempt a DIY. Seek the advice of a professional foundation company in Colorado, Springs, CO. At Complete Basement Systems, we will conduct a thorough inspection of foundations to understand the cause of your cracks and how to fix them. Kickstart your repairs with a free foundation repair inspection and quote and get a lasting fix to your foundation problems.

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