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Concrete Wall Collision in Denver, CO

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We’ve seen it all when it comes to concrete repair, but this project is one for the books. We got a call from the owner of this apartment in Denver, CO who was concerned about the structural integrity of a concrete wall garage space after a car had collided with it! The apartments had several parking spaces in the front side of the complex that were poured concrete with a plaster overlay, and once the car had collided with one space, the spaces on either side had walls that were compromised. Not only were the corners of the original parking space split down the middle, but several cracks on either side including the neighboring spaces had formed.

Knowing this was an issue that had to be dealt with immediately, we sent our our Design Specialist Robert O. to come out and provide a full inspection of the parking spaces and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for the concrete repairs. After doing a walk through, he noticed the cracking and destruction to the walls, that not only compromised the structural integrity of the space, but was letting a large amount of water on to the ground.

After the inspection was confirmed and the project was set, we sent out an engineer from ES Denver to do a full project plan and determine the best option to restore the parking space concrete and prevent any future damage. 


The ES Denver engineer determined a full project plan, which was to install 6 C-channel steel support beams on the compromised walls, 2 Steel angle iron support beams on the corners of the space, and epoxy the cracking to prevent any more water from seeping into the area. Once the engineer approved of the project and had a solid set out plan, we sent out our foreman Israel and his crew to complete the installation and restore the parking space to its original state!

Once out to the site, Israel and his team got to work installing C-channel steel beams along the perimeter of the compromised wall. Whats unique about these C-Channel beams that were installed is that on most projects where these are used, they’re usually connected to a power brace and spaced about 6 feet apart to stabilize a bowing wall, but two of the 6 were installed on either corner close to each other, braced to each other! The engineer had determined that this was the best solution to the corner that had been compromised, to protect the heavily compromised corner and keep it from splitting. 

After the C-channel beams and steel angle iron support posts were installed, a quick epoxy job covered up the crack in the wall, waterproofing the area so that no more would seep in the cracks. Although a unique job, no problem is to complicated for us to repair! 

Drive safely everyone!

Project Summary

Engineer: Dustin Randle

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