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Construction Issues and Foundation Problems

Foundation problems arising from construction issues don’t have to signal the end of your plan to build a dream. Help is a phone call away.

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Foundation problems in newly built homes or existing homes are every homeowner’s nightmare. These problems are likely to occur if the foundation is built on shrinking soils. Poor site preparation is the problem. Your soil problems may become apparent during summer when the ground heats up. 

Construction issues require serious intervention. Left unchecked, the foundation problems could make your home structurally unsafe. Any kind of DIY crack repair job won’t save your foundation from crumbling. Get in touch with foundation repair experts in Denver, CO, so you can find the cause of the problem and get the best fix. 

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Is It Normal for Foundations to Sink in Summer? 

Yes, it’s a normal thing for foundations to crumble during the hottest season of the year. Here is why. The soil around the foundation loses water through evaporation. When this happens, they become less dense and shrink. Eventually, they pull away from your home’s footing. The result is a settling foundation that damages your floors and walls. 

Summer and Your Foundation 

The hot summer weather instigates various problems with the most rampant being settling foundations. Here is why. The ground heats up, the soil loses water, and in the process, the soil shrinks. The settlement may start slowly but worsen with time as the soils continue shrinking. 

You may not notice that your foundation is sinking unless you normally inspect the foundation. It could take several months for you to notice the presence of cracks. Sadly, by this time, the damage is likely to be serious. Moisture and water will seep through and continue doing so until you resolve the underlying problem. 

We urge you to check your foundation for cracks from time to time. Some cracks may seem insignificant, but you can’t ignore them, as they could expand. When they do so, they will interfere with your home. Timely inspections and repairs can prevent simple fixes from turning into costly and potentially disruptive structural repairs. 

Signs of Foundation Settlement 

Have a settling foundation? Keep an eye out for the following structural problems. 

Foundation cracks 

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is the cracks on your foundation. Vertical cracks will widen and cause sections of your wall to pull apart. With time, cracks may widen at the top. Seek immediate help, as the settling will grow worse. 

Drywall cracks:

Another unmistakable sign of a sinking foundation is the cracks that appear on your drywall. These are telltale signs your foundation is sinking. Cracks may appear noticeably bigger at the upper levels of the home and worsen as the soil shrinks further. 

Leaning chimney

You may notice that your once upright chimney is now tilting or leaning to one side. The leaning tends to worsen if the chimney stands on its own foundation. If the chimney is not connected to your home’s footing, its foundation is likely to settle fast. 

Sticking doors and windows

As the foundation settles, doors and windows will require more than a nudge to swing open. These fixtures may also separate from their wooden frames and form gaps. Cracks may also appear on the corners of your doors and windows. If you’re unsure, ask a home inspector or contractor to tell you what’s happening. 

Best Solutions for a Sinking Foundation 

There are various ways to fix a settling foundation. It all depends on the problem you’re facing and the type of structural damage you’d like to fix. We can install various types of piers to raise your foundation. If there’s a void, we can use slab piers to fill the gap. We can also drive helical piers and push piers down to the bedrock so it firms up your foundation. 

We strongly encourage you to moisten the soil around your foundation during hot and dry summer weather. Get a hose or use a sprinkler to irrigate your yard as well. By keeping the soil moist, you prevent it from crumbling. Consider installing rock beds too, as they allow moisture to leech into your soils, keeping them moist. 

Would you like to know what’s ailing your foundation and the best fixes? Schedule a free foundation repair inspection and quote with the experts at Complete Basement Systems. We have years of experience in stabilizing homes with sinking foundations and other problems, and we will recommend a cost-effective solution that will bring your foundation and floors back up to their original positions.

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