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CrawlSeal and Wall Anchors in Fort Lupton, CO

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This homeowner in Fort Lupton, CO had noticed a large crack in his basement that had extended to all but one. Poorly epoxied by the previous homeowner, the crack had broken its way through the cover up and gotten worse, alarming the new homeowner before he closed in on the house. Being a repeat customer and having previous work done by us, he called again to schedule an inspection on his new home. We sent out our design specialist Rob to do a full inspection of him home, to confirm the severity of the cracking and do an inspection of his crawlspace. Arriving on the site, Rob proposed to install 8 wall anchors to stabilize the basement where it was cracking ,and installing a CrawlSeal vapor barrier with drainage matting to clean up the crawlspace and prevent any more moisture from coming in.


Once the project was set, we sent out our foreman Agustin and his crew to complete the project. First excavating the area around where the anchors were going to be placed, the crew installed 8  wall anchors on the north and south side of the basement, permanently stabilizing their foundation and preventing any more cracking or settlement! Finally, Agustin and his crew installed drainage matting and a vapor barrier in the crawlspace to prevent any dirt or debris escaping from the crawl, and preventing any moisture from getting in!

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