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Eight Effective Products for Successful Foundation Repairs

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Given that your foundation is prone to cracks and other damage, you need to take extra care and protect it from different forces. A number of products can help you counter the forces that threaten your foundation and potentially restore it to its original levels.

To curtail recurring issues, go for the best foundation repair products in Denver, CO, as they will give your foundation a new lease of life.

Wall Anchor System

Lateral forces from the sides of your home can take a toll on your foundation walls, causing them to bow, crack, or tilt.  And the main culprits are hydrostatic pressure, poor grading, and drainage. You can repel these destructive forces and permanently reinforce your bowing walls by embedding wall anchors, which are made of galvanized steel rods and plates. Once in place, this system will redirect forces to the soil outside your house as it pulls the wall straight.

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intellibrace installation

IntelliBrace™ System

Space limitations can come in the way of installing wall anchors to reinforce your foundation walls. The IntelliBrace™ wall bracing system will come to the rescue. These steel beams are adjustable and will steady your bowing or tilting walls. Installed properly, they can also restore the walls to their initial positions. You can use them for many years without worrying about the effects of rust, as they’re zinc-coated.

Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System

When horizontal soil movements or hydrostatic pressure start acting on your walls, only carbon fiber with epoxy can help reinforce the bowing or bulging walls. Ten times stronger than steel, this solution can absorb the pressure from your walls. Installation involves fastening the carbon fiber strip to the still plate using a bracket, then securing it to the bottom of your foundation walls. No excavation is required. It’s a good alternative to the other methods if space is limited and your walls are not in severe disrepair.

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intellijack crawl space support

Crawl Space Supports

Sagging and bouncy floors can be vexing. Jack supports are just what you need to stabilize and potentially level the joists within your house. Molded from tough steel, the IntelliJack™ system can bear all the heavy load above. Customization is easy. Once they’re installed, they will restore and protect your floor.

Push Piers

A sinking foundation shouldn’t cause you sleepless nights. Push piers are the answer to your problem, as they help steady your foundation. Installation involves driving piers right through the unstable soil and down to the bedrock. The good thing about piers is they can restore your foundation while providing lifelong support to your home.

installing push piers
crew installing helical piers

Helical Piers

Whenever compressive forces start threatening your foundation, helical piers are what you need to counter them. This system comprises a pier shaft with helical plates. Installation entails driving the shaft into the ground (below the frost line) with the help of plates, which also provide anchoring strength as weight is passed to the pier. If the bedrock is a bit far, new sections are added until the pier reaches the desired depth.

Slab Piers

When your concrete slab settles, slab piers are what can salvage it from further structural damage. This underpinning solution works by lifting your concrete slab from its sunken position to its original level, all the while sealing cracks. Installation entails screwing piers into the sunken area to connect the slab with the bedrock. Once the blades anchor to the soil, grout is then pumped into the void beneath the slab via small holes. There’s very little excavation required, and the piers remain concealed.

Concrete Lifting

Mudjacking has always been the conventional fix to sinking concrete, which can leave you with uneven floors, patios, sidewalks, and other areas. It entails drilling holes and injecting a mortar-based mix into the void under the slab to lift the floor to its original position. If you don’t want to go this invasive route, consider the PolyRenewal™ system, a better and less-invasive option. Dense polyurethane foam is inserted below the slab via small holes. Within a short time, it fills the void and hardens. It’s less messy and less disruptive than mudjacking.

Why Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor?

Muscle, brain, and hindsight; three things that are crucial to successful foundation repairs. If you have the right tools and quick hands, like most professionals, you might pull off a flawless job. However, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be endowed with all three. Your best DIY efforts may end in sweat, fatigue, and frustration.

Leave the repairs to experts who can diagnose the problem correctly and apply the right fix specifically for your foundation.

Are you looking for a lasting solution to your sunken, settling, or cracked foundation? Need more guidance? Get in touch with Complete Basement Systems for a free foundation repair and quote. Our experts will recommend an affordable solution that works best for your foundation.

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