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Foundation and Sinking Floor Fix in Denver, CO

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Denver, CO homeowner was concerned about her homes foundation. With her home being her biggest investment she wanted to make sure that she did everything to make sure it was safe and in its best condition. After noticing that she had sinking floors she decided to seek out a contractors help. After seeing a Complete Basement Systems advertisement she decided to book her project!


Emma T. of Denver, Colorado was looking to permanently stabilize her foundation and fix sinking floor issues in her home. These are both very important issues so she did her research after seeing a Complete Basement Systems commercial and decided our team was the best fit for the job and trusted us with her home. Complete Basement Systems provided various solutions to Emma’s home including helical piers, IntelliJack, and epoxy injection.  Edwardo (Lalo), our talented foreman, and other members of our team installed the helical piers to fix the foundation and our very own IntelliJack in the crawl space. In order to fill in the homes walls they used Epoxy injection to fill in the cracks. Emma is very pleased with the work we installed and would recommend us in the future. She reflected that our team was very helpful and successful. Emma’s home is no longer has sinking floors and foundational issues thanks to Basement Systems.

Project Summary

Contractor: Complete Basement Systems

Foreman: Ed(Lalo) Nunez

Products: Helical Pier, IntelliJack, Epoxy Injection

Serving Greater Denver area, Colorado Springs, Eastern Colorado, and parts of Nebraska and Wyoming

Complete Basement Systems, Colorado Springs, CO

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Complete Basement Systems, Denver, CO

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