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Foundation Repair Project in Denver, CO

This homeowner in Denver, CO had began to notice his foundation was settling after they found cracks on the outside and inside of the home. Knowing the structural damage was only going to get worse with time, the homeowners decided to take action and call on a structural engineer from DL Engineering to assess the extent of the damage and provide the solution to the damage.

Once on site, the engineer concluded extensive damage had been done to the foundation from lateral movement and that they needed help as soon as possible. Recommending 6 helical piers around the settling part of the home, he referred the homeowners to Complete Basement Systems to complete the installation.

Once the project was ready to be installed, we sent out our foreman Zach W. to complete the job. He and his crew excavated the 6 holes in the home, and drilled in the 6 helical piers to permanently stabilize the foundation and restore the home to its original place, ensuring that it won’t move any more! 

Now the homeowner can have peace of mind that their foundation will not settle anymore, and the structural damage had been reversed!

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