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How to Protect Your Foundation from Water Damage

While water seepage is a common cause of foundation failure, it can be addressed by sealing the foundation and improving exterior drainage.

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Your home is only as healthy as its foundation. When water collects around the home’s perimeter, it weakens the foundation and compromises your home’s structural integrity. You need to take drastic measures to keep water out. We’ll show you how to do this. But first, let’s look at whether you have water problems. 

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Signs of Water Damage 

Whenever water infiltrates the foundation, it’s going to foster these problems: 

Foul smells: Water and moisture contribute to any unfavorable odors you may find lingering in your basement. If you’ve cleaned up your home from top to bottom and your home still smells unpleasant, you may have water in your basement. 

Mold and mildew: Mold flourishes in dark, damp spaces. If you find mold clusters forming in your basement, you have a leak on your hands. 

Pest infestations: Just like mold, pests thrive in dark, damp spaces. Look out for pest droppings, wings, nests, and other unusual insect activity in your basement. 

Water damaged property: Buckling wooden floors and furniture, rotting fabrics, and curling documents are all signs of excess dampness in your basement. 

Standing water: Puddles of water in the basement are an obvious indication of a water problem. If you cannot trace the source of the water, chances are it could be coming from your foundation. 

Protecting Your Foundation 

If you think that the foundation of your Denver, CO, home is at risk of water damage, here’s what you need to do to protect it. 

Repair Cracks and Holes 

Foundation cracks allow water to seep into your basement. If not mitigated, this water can quickly cause severe water damage to your home. Inspect your walls and floors for cracks and have them sealed and repaired. This will stop water from seeping into your basement. If the cracking is significant enough, you may need to have professional foundation repair solutions installed. 

Invest in Downspout Extensions 

Perhaps you didn’t know, but a faulty downspout could direct water to your home’s foundation. If this is what’s happening, the best thing to do is to buy downspout extensions. These fixtures will channel water away from the foundation. If you want to maintain exterior aesthetics or prevent mishaps while mowing, you can invest in buried downspout extensions

Make sure that the downspouts extend at least 10 feet out and in the right direction. Short or poorly directed downspouts means water won’t flow out but collect around your home after a storm. 

Keep Your Gutters Clear 

Clogged gutters will cause water to back up on the roof. With nowhere to go, water will gush down the side of your home and straight into the soil around your foundation. You can avoid this predicament by ensuring gutters are clean and clog-free. If you’re not up to the task, talk to your local roof cleaner. 

Get an Interior Drainage System and a Sump Pump 

You never know what the Denver, CO, weather has in store for you during wet months. Rather than be sorry, get an interior drainage system and a sump pump installed and use it to protect your home from floods. The interior drains placed just below your basement floor will collect any leaking water and direct it to the sump pump. The sump pump then ejects the collected water safely out of and away from your home. Besides preventing flooding, a sump pump stops water from eroding your foundation. Water is discharged at some distance.  

When Is the Best Time to Seal the Foundation? 

It’s best to seal up the cracks on the foundation or reinforce bowing walls in spring or early winter when the weather is cool. 

That said, sealing the foundation is something you should consider even before buying a home. Ideally, you want to move into a waterproofed home with a healthy foundation and moisture-free basement. If you can’t find one, try negotiating with the seller to see if they can kick in the costs of waterproofing the foundation.  

If you already own a home but haven’t waterproofed it, do not wait any longer. The weather could conspire against you and wreak havoc on your foundation. Be sure to contact the experts at Complete Basement Systems for a free basement inspection and waterproofing quote today!

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