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Is Colorado Soil Destroying Your Home?

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The Problem

Expansive or swelling soil is Colorado’s most significant geologic hazard. This type of soil is laced with layers of clay, bentonite and montmorillonite (weathered volcanic ash) being the most common. Why does this matter? The uneven moisture in these expansive soils causes more property damage than any other natural hazard in the state of Colorado.  

As the expansive soil dries, it shrinks. This movement can shift and cause severe structural damage in addition to cracked driveways, sidewalks and basement floors.

Preventative Measures

Here are a few things you can do to help minimize the water exposure to expansive soils beneath your home:

  • Walk around the exterior of the home to make sure water is not draining on one side only. If water drains to one side of the home, that moisture level is uneven with the rest of the home, leading to extensive foundation damage.
  • Make sure your home has a French drain or other drainage method to guide water away from the foundation.
  • Check that your sprinkler system does not spray against the side of the home’s foundation.

The Solution

Did you notice an uneven level of moisture around your home? Have you seen cracks forming on your foundation walls? Do you have any concrete slabs around your home that are sinking or shifting? Have you ever had water in your basement?

Don’t cut any corners by trying to fix a failing foundation on your own. Ensure safety for you and your family with a permanent solution. The design specialists at Complete Basement Systems will inspect your home for FREE and provide a FREE ESTIMATE for the permanent solution your home is asking for. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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