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Is Foundation Repair Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

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Your home is more than just a roof over your head or a floor under your feet. It’s one, if not the biggest investment of your lifetime. Having a homeowner’s insurance policy in a circumstance of accident or disaster is a vital piece of protecting you and your home, usually insuring you, your home and belongings from things like flood, earthquake, tornado, burglary or faulty appliance disaster.  Unfortunately, foundation issues (unless caused by other issues already contracted within your policy) are not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Most foundation issues from settlement and shifting fall under home maintenance and wear and tear with age, which few policies cover. Almost all general homeowners’ policies, unless otherwise stated, do not cover maintenance issues or wear and tear and are assumed to be the homeowner’s personal responsibility. Exceptions of course are always present! If you experience foundation issues due to something like a flood, earthquake, or faulty plumbing damage, your insurance policy may cover the necessary repairs. Despite this, most sinking and settling of your foundation comes from expansion and contraction of the surrounding soils, which isn’t defined under most policies as a natural disaster.

If you’re unsure about the conditions your insurance policy, review your policy with your insurance provider, it never hurts to ask! There are a few niche policies that do cover foundation repair under these conditions, though they’re usually harder to come by and much more expensive.

Foundation damage poses potentially serious problems and danger for yourself and your home. Sinking, settling and shifting foundations can be easily stabilized by steel piering and anchoring, which vary in cost depending on severity, home foundation type and location. If you’re planning to own a home, be prepared to plan for foundation repair costs over time. Although you may be a part of the lucky few who don’t have foundation issues, most homeowners typically spend around $2000-$7000 dollars on foundation repairs over the life of their home.

As with any big investment, finding people you trust to fix and protect your home makes all the difference. At Complete Basement Systems, we know how much your home and everything in it means to you. No matter the project, our priority is protecting you and your home, with your peace of mind at the forefront of our concern. If you’re noticing foundation movement, bowing or cracking walls, or sticking doors and windows, give us a call! Whatever problem your home is facing, we have the products and solutions that you need to permanently restore your home and peace of mind.

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